Wallmapu ex situ

Wallmapu is the name given by the Mapuche to the territory they inhabit, which is today officially called Araucanía, and is largely part of the national territory of Chile. For 400 years, the Wallmapu has been the scene of a complex territorial conflict between Mapuche communities, the Chilean state, transnational forestry companies and the descendants of European settlers – amongst them a Swiss diaspora.

Wallmapu ex situ is a virtual space in the form of a zoom conference room, a real existing space of encounter, yet geographically not locatable. Following indigenous ontologies and Bruno Latour's Parliament of Things, human representatives of non-human actors from Switzerland and Chile meet here to reflect on their entanglements with the colonial history of Wallmapu – and in order to jointly develop new narrative forms for this history. This virtual conference room is used in its capacity as an intermediate space in which traditional boundaries and hierarchies can be crossed in a speculative manner, and in which urgent discourses can take place for which there is no room in real politics.

> webplatform wallmapu-ex-situ.net

  • Konzept & Künstlerische Leitung:
  • Aldir Polymeris & Nina Willimann
  • Expert*innen Kernteam:
  • Jose Cáceres Mardones, Mara Meier, Paula Baeza Pailamilla
  • Dramaturgische Begleitung:
  • Johanna Hilari
  • Produktionsleitung:
  • Elena Conradt / Produktionsdock
  • Repräsentant*innen:
  • Carla Llamunao & Katherina Palma Millanao / Colectivo Chilliweke, Jose Cáceres Mardones, Marcelo Baeza, Alberto Dufey, Andrea Herrera Poblete, Daniela Catrileo, Joel Inzunza Leal, Rayén Pilquinao, Francisco Vargas Huaiquimilla
  • Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung
  • Kultur Stadt Bern
  • SWISSLOS/Kultur Kanton Bern
  • COINCIDENCIA – South America Programme by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia
  • m2act – Das Förder- und Netzwerkprojekt des Migros-Kulturprozent für die Darstellenden Künste