Araucanía in situ

Recherche 2019/20

Araucanía is a region of southern Chile that has been the subject of fierce dispute for the past 400 years. To this day it is marked by a complex territorial and identity conflict between indigenous Mapuche, the Chilean state, multinational corporations and descendants of European settlers, amongst them several of Swiss descent.
In their research, Trop cher to share attempts to map the territory of Araucanía with a focus on its flora. Considering the plants of the region as witnesses of the complex entanglements of present and past, Trop cher to share talks to experts and different actors of the conflict, thus also reflecting on the question if, and to which extent, the Flora can be considered and consulted as an actor of the conflict itself.

  • Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung
  • SWISSLOS/Kultur Kanton Bern
  • COINCIDENCIA – South America Programme by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia