Fuga Vacui

A choreographic installation for three dancers, an audience and empty spaces

Coproduction with Cia. Joel Inzunza from Conceptión/CL and the Center PasquArt Biel/CH, 2013

The human mind cannot stand the idea of absolute emptiness, it becomes its existential nightmare - especially as a fear of mental emptiness. From this anxiety the wish to appease the dreaded emptiness by fullness arises. Based on a choreographic concept of filling the empty space by the chilean choreographer Joel Inzunza Leal, Trop cher to share creates an arsenal of futile attempts and grotesque human strategies to fill inner and outer emptiness. Thus, in the course of the artistic exchange between the two dance companies, the dialogue between cultures and individuals is expressed in a variety of ways: a meeting of different languages, not just at a choreographic level.

  • Konzept / Choreographie / Regie
  • Joel Inzunza Leal
  • Konzept / Choreographie / Performance
  • Paulina Alemparte Guerrero, Nina Willimann, Noémie Wyss
  • Lichtdesign / Technik
  • Pablo Weber
  • Radiocollage / Oreille extérieure
  • Armelle Scholl
  • Oeil extérieur plastique
  • Celia Sidler
  • Kostüme
  • Jade Ryder
  • Produktion
  • tropchertoshare
  • Koproduktion
  • Centre Pasquart, Joel Inzunza & Cia
  • Grafik
  • strukturart.com
  • Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung
  • Stadt Biel
  • Lotteriefonds Kanton Bern
  • Migros Kultuprozent
  • ediprim
  • Centre PasquArt Biel
  • Veranstaltungsorte
  • Centre PasquArt Biel;
  • Casa del Arte / Pinacoteca, Conception/CL;
  • Museo de Artes Visuales MAVI, Santiago/CL