Teach me to dance

Chronicle of an auto-retro integration

Short piece / work in progress, 2016/17

Aldir Polymeris grew up mainly in Chile. He has a Swiss passport because his mother is Swiss and the Greek nationality because his father is Greek. Aldir himself does not speak Greek and has no contact with his Greek kinship. If you ask Aldir where he comes from or where he is "at home", it is a bit complicated...“

In the form of a tongue-in-cheek-experiment, Cie trop cher to share tests the concept of "integration" in reverse. In search of Aldir's Greek roots, Cie trop cher to share asked Greeks living in Zurich to support Aldir's cultural reintegration. Aldir's "Way to Greek" is a search for what forms a human being - and what is made of it. Teach me to dance is an exploration of the constructedness of "identity", its instrumentalisation and politicization; and of the obsession of western societies with origins and "the foreigner" as an ambivalent projection surface of both, fears and desires.

Performance: Aldir Polymeris // Idea/concept/artistic direction: Nina Willimann // Choreography/text /video: Aldir Polymeris & Nina Willimann in collaboration with: Dance group Erato, Christina Alexandri, Christos Bikos, Eleni Mylona, Evangelos Tsempelis , Dimitra Ioannidou, Vicky Papailiou and Sotiria Diamanti // supported by: Greek community of Zurich, Rote Fabrik, Stillpoint Spaces, Tanzhaus Zurich.

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  • Performance
  • Aldir Polymeris
  • Choreographie/Text/ Video
  • Aldir Polymeris & Nina Willimann
  • Idee/Konzept/Choreographie
  • Nina Willimann
  • Thank you
  • groupe de danse Erato,
  • Christina Alexandri,
  • Christos Bikos,
  • Eleni Mylona,
  • Evangelos Tsempelis,
  • Dimitra Ioannidou,
  • Vicky Papailiou
  • et Sotiria Diamanti
  • Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung
  • Griechische Gemeinde Zürich
  • Rote Fabrik
  • Stillpoint Space
  • Tanzhaus Zürich
  • Veranstaltungsorte
  • Voirie, Biel
  • Schlachthaus Theater Bern
  • Fabriktheater, Rote Fabrik Zürich