Aldir Polymeris

Aldir Polymeris grew up in Chile and Switzerland, after studying social Anthroplogy in Conceptión/ CL for one year, he studied art and art history at the Bern University of the Arts (HKB). Aldir works mainly in the medias performance, video, text and graphics, often focusing on compositions, structures and translations. Since 2012 he works regularly with the Cie trop cher to share. In 2014 he started a collaboration with the dancer Cosima Grand (CH), who was awarded the second prize of the PREMIO promotion prize for the dance performance CTRL-V 2015 and presented a full-length version one year later. In 2016, he is invited to exhibit his video installation Gerandestücke in the Kunsthalle Luzern. In the same year Aldir founds together with the actress Daniela Ruocco (DE / UR) the collective Latinlover and wins the third prize of the PREMIO with the short piece The Great Mediator . The resulting production will be premiered at the Schlachthaus Theater in Bern. In 2018, together with Nicolle Bussien, he presents the audio installation Soulseeker at the Cantonale Berne Jura in the Center Pasquart in Biel. Aldir regularly conducts commissioned video documentations (a.o. for Reso, Chris Leuenberger and Unplush) and is co-founder of the Ateliergemeinschaft Schwob-Haus (Bern), where he regularly organizes and curates events.